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Expert Advisor "Flat-Catcher"

Fibolab recently released Expert Advisor "Flat-Catcher". It is fully automatic trading system, which uses only price movements to found what deal it should take.

On our main site you will find its description, screens, back tests, videos, and reports.

Start deposit $300, minimal lot size is 0,01.
Gross profit: $180 (11 day trading). 50% form start deposit.


Read more on company web-site.

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Do Forex Expert Advisors Work?

Do you know what forex Expert Advisors (EAs) are?
How do they work, and why do traders need them?

To start with, Forex Expert Advisors are automated robots programmed to detect trade entry and exit opportunities based on a certain set of parameters. This is a mechanical trading system that automatically manages all trading operations.  They are also known as “forex trading robots”, “EA”s, “MT-4 EA”s, or “automated forex trading software”.
Forex expert advisors are built not only to automate trading operations, but also to generate profits while doing so. Even with this intention, the types of forex expert advisors vary largely. News, breakout, hedge, scalper, and adaptive expert advisors are among the types available in the market. Some are designed to trade at certain times only while others may be made such that they trade round-the-clock. There are even custom-made EAs that expert traders have asked programmers to automate their tried-and-tested manual trading systems.

How do these forex expert advisors work?
EAs use certain algorithms or technical indicators to assess the foreign exchange market’s conditions and take appropriate action, as dictated in its source code.
A basic MT-4 expert advisor is made up of three parts:  a startup function, a main function and a cleanup function. Upon startup, the expert advisor will run through the startup function once. It will also run through the cleanup function once at the end. Prior to closing, the EA will run through a cycle of its main function with every incoming tick. This goes on for as long as the EA is attached to a trading chart and is active. However, a new cycle will not start for a new tick if the EA is still processing a previous cycle.

So, do expert advisors really work?
Some traders are critical about it while some welcome the extra hand. Certain traders believe manual trading is better because the forex market is too complicated and unpredictable to be automated. Others see EAs as beneficial in the areas of decision-making and income generation.  Because every forex expert advisor has a trading plan with which it adheres to indefinitely, it has the ability to decide without being influenced by external human factors, such as stress and emotions.
EAs are also capable of making trading decisions while taking into consideration the different factors that influence prices, which make them valuable trading tools. Also, EAs bring in additional income while the trader sits back and relaxes. EAs can run on autopilot and they will continue to trade in the same patterns that they have been designed to trade with.
Given the number of EAs available in the market today, you should be a smart shopper. Do research on what you need for your trading style. Then, look for reputable sellers, compare, send queries, and ask them to provide live forward test statements. Once you have your choices, check the software and test run the system.
Finally, get expert advice. And from here on, enjoy trading with the automated profits!

Trading with Forex Automated Robot (or Expert Advisor)

Forex automated robot trading is gaining widespread use because of the convenience and fast profits it provides to the trader who wants to shield himself from the intricacies and hassles of manual trading.

Forex trading is a complicated and sometimes perplexing task even to veterans; not to mention the Forex greenthumbs still learning the ropes of going long and short on a currency pair.
For those who have already made money trading the dollar, yen, or euro, it is a very rewarding endeavor, especially in the area of margin trading. Traders have the flexibility to exchange currencies even without the full sum of trading money put up front. You only have to put up a small amount of capital to secure a larger package of trading money (called a currency lot), and then trade that lot according to the amount of leverage you have.

However, to clear things up, automated Forex trading is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Others might misinterpret it as such, for various marketing activities make it resemble a program for getting quick money without having to pour out the intense efforts normally required in a typical 9-5 job.
Let’s face it, we are all skeptical to these money-grabbing schemes.
So, what exactly  automated robot trading for Forex? What makes it different from the hundreds of “get-rich-quick” schemes out there?

Well, Forex trading is undoubtedly profitable but profoundly complex if one has not completely understood the basics. Enlightened brokers, traders, and computer experts who have moved past that stage have developed a system which automates trading activities.
The resulting robot basically leaves you free to attend to other important activities, all the while automatically executing your currency trading strategy, gathering trading data, executing buys and sells, and gathering pips (a direct measure of profitability) along the way.
There are two general kinds of robots:

1)    Managed Automation. Although the automated system can run without your help, you will have to interfere and manage the tasks and schemes that you have set-up in order to make sure your trading is successful or is going as planned. Obviously, the planning is up to you, but managed trading robots usually execute the actual buy and sell, rather than a team of brokers.

2)    Programmed Automation. This requires a little systems programming intelligence on the side of a trader. Some automated trading platforms are completely customizable, down to the last segment of code, while others will only allow you to select a configuration system or parameters that directly suit your trading needs.

There are many advantages to this style of currency trading.
Obviously, automation is the main advantage of this human-robot duo trading set-up. In Forex automated robot trading, you can gauge your own settings, tell your robot to trade this and that way, and the automated system will do it for you. It also fits well with the nature of currency trading, which is a 24/7 operation. The robot will be able to make the trades for you, freeing your time up for activities that require your individed attention.

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