вівторок, 14 червня 2011 р.

Close Аll Trading scripts

Anyone who does manual trading faced the fact: when you need to close more the 2-3 deals to fix profit/loss it becomes a problem. You have to wait, repeat procedure, make a lot if manual work for such a simple task while price goes away.

To change such situation we developed number of simple scripts which will help you to fix profit/loss as quick as possible without hundreds of mouse movements, clicks

More information and download links.

середа, 20 квітня 2011 р.

Labeling forex script

We have just launched new product - forex script Labeling.
Its brief description:

Labeling — it`s a script that sets labels to Trend lines and Horizontal lines according to their descriptions.

This script comes in two editions — standard (runs only once after it is started) and real-time (works constantly, monitors all lines of the chart to add a label to the line that user just added description to).

Labels take color and text angle from the host line and it is placed in the middle of it.

Text`s angles are set to certain values to provide better readability.

More information you can find here.

вівторок, 8 березня 2011 р.

We have release new Indicator - Level Alert

Level Alert — it is indicator that plays sound once price crossed one of the alert lines.
One of the main advantages of this indicator is smart signaling (sound playing). It won`t make hundreds signals a minute if price is going around alert level. It will play it only once time in a set time period (can be adjusted in parameters).

  • Visual set of alert lines by dragging;
  • Custom audio signals;
  • Easy convert horizontal lines to alert lines;

Included Helper Scripts:
  • Add alert lines above/below price in visible price range;
  • Clear all alert lines that left after your trade;

Future features :
  • Alert by trend line;
  • Multiple alert lines type;
  • Multiple color schema;
Will be included in updates.


понеділок, 24 січня 2011 р.

Bill Williams Trading Strategy Expert Advisor

Finally we released Bill Williams Automated Trading Strategy (Expert Advisor). It uses all five dimensions which is described it Bill Williams book "Trading Chaos". Before this EA we developed indicators of those five dimensions more about them you may find in their pages in our site.

If you use Bill Williams strategy in your trading or just started you may use this EA to automate it. We add Bill Williams indicator pack for free to let you better see when and what signals EA is get from all of the dimensions.

If you want see how EA will work you may purchase Bill Williams Indicator pack and see what signals EA will receive. You also may create your own strategy basing on BW indicators and then automate it by Bill Williams EA which would cost you less (minus BW indicators pack price).